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ADJ Online offers a new way to find and read judgements on iPhone/iPad, Android, and/or any web browser.
The application is a one-stop solution for readers to catch up with the latest Judgments of Allahabad High Court and Supreme Court.

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ADJ online is brought to you by Malhotra Law House. Established in 1984, Malhotra Law House is one of the leading firms in the field of publishing and Selling of law books and Journals . Our publications includes Allahabad Daily Judgement, Education and Service Cases, ADJ Yearly Digest, Education and Service Cases Digest, Supreme Court Service Rulings and The Verdict of Ram Janam Bhoomi- Babri Masjid Disputes (the most high profile case).

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Our Publishing house is equipped with all the latest facilities & latest equipments to make the work clean and error free. Our commitment to customer service and our passion for developing quality print and digital resources are the reasons for our success and at the heart of what we do every day. We are focused on anticipating the changing needs of students, instructors, and legal professionals.

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We currently offer Judgements of Allahabad and Lucknow High Court and our goal is to provide access to all Central and state Judgements and statutes in India.
Because ADJ ONLINE is also web-based, you can access from any computer, at anytime.
ADJ Online is a cost-effective mobile alternative to traditional reading of judgments.


Allahabad Daily Judgement

A daily Law Journal Approved from Allahabad High Court & Lucknow Bench High Court. It covers the judgements of Allahabad High Court passed during 2005 to till date(covering all Subjects of Law) and appeals in the Supreme Court of India against Judgements of Allahabad High Court. ADJ covers judgments on every subjects of law i.e. Civil,Criminal, Revenue,Labour and Service& Tax. It also covers all latest Acts, Amendements, Notifications, Ordinance and Rules of U.P. Government, which is been published in official U.P. Government Gazette along with articles.

Education & Service Cases

A monthly law journal covering Reported and Unreported decisions of the Supreme Court of India and the High Courts of India on Education and Educational Institutions Cases, Bank Service, Local Bodies Service , Service Matter , Mandi Samiti, Corporation Service, Industrial Service, Coperative Service and other local bodies Cases etc along with Tribunal Case.